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Sam Page

Technology / Transformation / BI

Contact Sam 
+64 0210 845 7855 
Sam on Linkedin 

Sam has over 20 years of recruitment experience in the US (Boston and Silicon Valley) and NZ. He has recruited across all areas of technology, BI, marketing and finance.

Tatenda Pedzisai

Senior Consultant
Martech / Technology

Contact Tatenda 
+64 027 202 5177
Tatenda on Linkedin 

Tatenda has 9 years in marketing, digital marketing and communications roles in NZ and the UK. She brings this experience to her recruitment of martech and technology roles.

Tetiana Murashchenko

Senior Consultant

Tetiana has 15 years of international recruitment in the IT industry across Europe, UK, US, NZ and EMEA regions. Additionally, she is actively involved in coaching, consulting, and recruitment education.