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Our Story

Designed for success

With over 3 decades of combined recruitment experience in Boston, Silicon Valley, Singapore, and New Zealand, servicing clients from Apple and Facebook to small start-ups, there has been a sole consistent element in the most successful recruitment operations:

The bedrock of any recruiting business is the long-lasting, trusted relationships between the consultant, the client, and the candidate. These relationships take time to create, and there are no shortcuts.

AllRecruits is designed so our recruitment consultants have the time and the motivation to build those deep relationships. 

This structure creates a passion and a purpose that make for a highly functional, autonomous, happy team who will provide you with a superior personalised level of service.

Our Values

Collaboration  ı  Excellence  ı  Integrity  ı  Optimism   ı  Persistence 

  • Recruit globally; live locally. 

  • Balance our passion for work and for home. 

  • Act like owners and do what is right. 

  • Go above and beyond to exceed expectations. 

  • Treat others as we want to be treated. 

  • Know that success is a marathon, not a sprint. 

  • Support others to reach their goals. 

Our Community 

We work remotely and use shared office space, by choice, for the freedoms it gives us and for the benefits to our natural environment. We live locally throughout New Zealand, so we can support our local communities and businesses. 

Our design

A specialised recruitment agency designed to empower our consultants to provide the highest level of service to our clients and candidates. People first is our ethos.

AllRecruits is structured so that the majority of the profits go directly to our consultants, allowing them to create a personalised business within a business. With more skin in the game, our consultants offer our clients and candidates:

More Time

  • To advise candidates on job searches

  • To perform extensive searches for the right candidates

  • To qualify candidates and jobs more thoroughly

Better Commitment

  • To work on fewer roles, giving each the priority level it deserves

  • To maintain continuity and personalised service

  • To develop long-term extensive networks in our specialized areas

Higher Integrity

  • To be honest about what we can deliver, as all our decisions have a personal impact

  • To do what is right, as we value quality services over overall company revenue

Greater Flexibility

  • To alter our strategies and procedures to better meet client needs

  • To maintain a healthy job/life balance, which keeps us fresh and motivated

We are unlike other recruitment agencies; we are structured differently so we can operate differently. 


Sam Page

For over 20 years, Sam has managed teams in NZ and the US, within technology, marketing, and finance recruitment. He provides both local and international recruiting services to most industries, ranging from health and manufacturing to technology and finance, working with companies of all sizes. 

Sam has managed placements at Apple, Facebook, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Microsoft, Liberty Mutual, ASB, HealthAlliance, Waikato DHB, Spark, Carters, EnviroNZ, Manuka Health, AIA, and Skycity, to name a few. 

"Outside of work, I love to kitesurf, mountain bike, ski, and spend time with my family and friends. Occasionally, you’ll find me fixing our house (was once a cow shed, which presents some interesting challenges)." 

Candidate (Job Seeker) Testimonial

"Sam reached out to me a couple of years back for a contract he was trying to staff. Unlike most recruiters, he spent an hour with me on the phone, asking pointed questions and tailoring my resumé. Thanks to his efforts, I got the contract. We've stayed in touch ever since. Besides being extremely professional and good at his job, he's a very nice guy. I consider him a friend and wholeheartedly recommend him." 

Dave Murphy
Business Systems Analyst

Employer (Client) Testimonial

"I had the opportunity to work with Sam this year. He assisted us with our digital technology recruitment needs. Sam was great to deal with, understood our requirements and quickly took action to present us with candidates making our hiring process smooth. I highly recommend Sam."

Carlos Ramos
IT Director