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Negotiating a salary

You are offered the position… 

How to Negotiate a Salary 

Negotiate: (verb) to have formal discussions with someone to reach an agreement (Cambridge Dictionary).

 To negotiate is to discuss. We engage in discussions every day. There is no need to be intimidated about entering into a discussion. Keep that in mind as you negotiate your salary. 


  1. Research the salary range for your particular industry. Look at your previous roles: what skills and experiences will you bring to the company? What new responsibilities will you have? What are the salaries for other roles that you have interviewed for? 

  1. Prepare a salary range with which you are comfortable.  

  1. Determine if you are willing to compromise: shares in the company rather than cash; a more flexible schedule. 

  1. Negotiate early. Even a small increase can impact your earnings over a lifetime. The sooner the better.   


  1. Avoid negotiating a salary over e-mail. Phone or video call is best, as the conversation can roll naturally. As questions arise, both parties can answer them. 

  1. Negotiation may take place between you and a recruiter, human resources, or your potential supervisor.  

  1. Confidence allows you to be both competitive and flexible. Both attributes are highly valued by employers.  

  1. Present your query using language that puts the employer at ease: “Based on my research, I would be more comfortable with…”.
    Another good way to present your request is “If you can meet me here, I am 100% on board.” 

  1. The main goal is for you to justify the company to be able to pay you what you are looking for. Sometimes this is easy and other times it is not possible so then you need to be prepared with a compromise you are willing to live with. It is about more than just the money!  


  1. You could be building a long-term relationship. If your employer admires your negotiation skills, these attributes will be remembered in the future.  

  1. Before accepting any offer, ask for time to consider the offer even if it is great and you know you will accept it the very next day.  

  1. Thank your potential employer for taking the time to negotiate.  

Lastly, oftentimes, if you don’t ask, you may not receive it.  

Enjoy your relaxing salary discussions!